Below you can find an overview of all functionalities. In the Prices you can find out whether or not the functionality is available in the package you have chosen.


In just a few clicks you can prepare your quote and send it to your customer. Need an estimate or cutlery? This is also possible.


Creation and management of sales invoices via various options to create them in the shortest possible time. This can be done from a quote, order form or work order. Based on the planning system or use of the templates.

Payment follow-up

You can indicate invoices manually if they have been paid, on which date this took place and via which way this happened. 

Email integration 

With SME invoicing you can send all your created documents from your own email address.

Planning system

You can schedule invoices in advance so that the customer receives them a fixed day in the month or you can schedule them according to a periodic system where you can select the number of days. There is also the option to spread the invoicing amount and to plan the total amount via partial invoices.  


You can save the content of your documents as a template and then upload it in future quotations, invoices and order forms. This content may consist of articles with the corresponding price and possible descriptions. You can always adjust this afterwards.  

Order forms

You can create and manage order forms whereby you can link to the stock management of your company.  

Inventory management

With inventory management you can easily manage your inventory and link it to your order forms. Which items are reserved? Which items have been sold? To which order form or invoice is this item linked?  

Daily receipts 

If you do not work with payment via your invoices, you can use daily receipts. You can link this with the price list of your company. 

Work orders 

The available fields of the work order are fully customizable according to your wishes. You can create a work order from a quotation, in which the content is taken over and you only have to fill in a few fields. Creating an empty work order for your customer is also possible. You can have the work order signed digitally, create a PDF of this and email it to your customer.
Your staff can also adjust, complete, sign and conclude this work order. Limited access options are provided for this. Your staff only sees the most necessary information from the system.

Export function

You can easily transfer all your sales invoices to your accountant. You make a PDF of all your sales invoices and we store an overview of this in a zip file, after which you can email it.


You can consult an overview where you can view the turnover per period. With this function it is also possible to compare these periods and to view the evolution on the basis of statistics. 


If you wish to use forms on your website, you can link them to the billing system. This can be used for registrations, among other things.